AS-5050 Compact Field Instrument Case

The AS-5050 case was specially designed to allow the AS-1250FE hardware to be quickly deployed with a laptop or tablet PC in the field in area where the enviroment is not friendly to analytical equipment.

The AS-1250 is securely mounted to a mounting plate by a hold down strap. A BNC cable bundle provides the connections from the AS-1250 to the bulkhead BNC connectors.

The case was designed to have water tight connectors for all the incoming and outgoing signals including AC power, Ethernet, and signal inputs. The analog input uses recessed BNCs providing a rugged, travel-safe method of quickly connecting and disconnecting field signals.

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  • AC power and ethernet connectors
  • Compact size for rapid field deployment
  • Designed to have water tight connectors
  • Multiple hours of battery operation
  • Rugged polyproylene construction


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