To ensure that our products are installed and configured correctly, Alta Solutions has skilled field support technicians to provide the services at your facility.

Alta Solutions Employees with Installed AS-7000 Machinery Protection System


  • Install Alta Solutions Hardware
  • Provide Mechanical and Electrical Drawings
  • Supervise Sensor and Cable Installation
  • Validate System Operation
  • Verify Sensor and Cable Installation
  • Install Alta Solutions and Third-Party Software
  • Configure Acquisition and Analysis Settings
  • Setup Alarm Thresholds
  • Configure and Validate Modbus and Relay Operations
  • Start-Up Vibration Diagnostics
  • Start-Up Rotor Balancing Support


Let Alta Guide You to Success!

Monitor Analyze Protect.

Alta Solutions has the products to make your job easier and give you better peace of mind that your equipment will remain reliable throughout its life.