AS-330R CombustionGuard™

The AS-330R CombustionGuard™ system is a product of over a decade of operational experience monitoring combustion dynamics in gas turbine engines. The system brings sophisticated monitoring algorithms, multiple control outputs, and instrument-grade signal processing to a robust embedded platform that is highly configurable, yet easy to maintain. Alta Solutions CDMS systems have logged over 10 million operational hours and the lessons learned through the deployment of these systems have been incorporated in the AS-330R CombustionGuard™.

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  • Real-Time Combustion Dynamics Protection
  • True Embedded DSP Processing
  • Scalable Dynamics Inputs (2 to 20)
  • Programmable Combustion Dynamics Band Definitions
  • Multi-Vendor Pressure Transducers Support
  • Powerful and Flexible Control System Interfaces


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