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AS-410 Vibration Analyzer

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SpectrumMagnitude, Phase, Real, Imaginary, Full Spectrum, Demodulated
TimeWaveform, Orbit, Trend, Scatter
VectorBode Plot, Polar/Nyquist, Shaft-Centerline, Vector Table
WaterfallWaterfall, Single, Profile, Order, Overall Amplitude, Cascade, Campbell, Spectrogram
Transfer FunctionMagnitude, Phase, Real, Imaginary, Coherence
GUIMimic, Alert, Bar, Field, Mini-Bars, Script
ListsAlarm Logs, Table Tags, Results List


  • Real-time vibration analysis and transient data capture
  • 24-bit simultaneously sampling inputs
  • Compact size (8" x 7.2" x 1.7") and lightweight (2.2 lbs)
  • Numerous alarming and triggering methods
  • Digital recording and playback
  • Correlate with external process data
  • Data annotation and cursor locking


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