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AS-410 Vibration Analyzer

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Alarming Criteria

Spectrum AnalysisOverall, Spectrum Window, Energy Band, Phase, Order Window, Order Band, Order Phase, Spectrum Envelope, Not 1X, THD
Time AnalysisTime Threshold, Time-based Overall, Crossings, Time Signature, Time Trigger, Crest Factor, K Form, Form Factor, Pulse Width, SMax
Statistical AnalysisMean, Standard Deviation, Skew, Kurtosis
SpeedSpeed, Speed Rate
ModalResonance Test, Damping Factor (Q), Modal Hammer
Transfer FunctionTransfer Function Window, Transfer Function Magnitude, Transfer Function Phase
CombustionOverall Outlier, CDMS Window, Lean Blowout, Stability Margin, SpectralShift
OtherHilbert Transform, SPL, Gap Voltage, Sensor Quality, Heartbeat, Hard Drive Capacity, Horsepower, Spindle Life


  • Real-time vibration analysis and transient data capture
  • 24-bit simultaneously sampling inputs
  • Compact size (8" x 7.2" x 1.7") and lightweight (2.2 lbs)
  • Numerous alarming and triggering methods
  • Digital recording and playback
  • Correlate with external process data
  • Data annotation and cursor locking


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